WNY Presents LEAN Forward Award

On Saturday, May 20th, five individuals were honored as recipients of the Lupus Alliance of UNY’s LEAN Forward Award, for exemplary service on behalf of the lupus community.

Assembly member Crystal Peoples-Stokes was recognized for her leadership in Albany, particularly as sponsor of legislation that increases education and improves outcomes for those with lupus and their families.

Kathleen Arntsen, President & CEO of Lupus & Allied Diseases Association, was recognized for her tireless work fostering collaboration among all stakeholders and promoting innovative advocacy, awareness and biomedical research program initiatives on behalf of those impacted by lupus and conditions of unmet need.

Pauline Ziatts is a long-time LAUNY volunteer who demonstrates extraordinary measures of care in every task she assumes for the organization. She received this award for being an extraordinary communicator, listener, information gatherer, care-giver, cheerleader, and manager of details.

GEICO was recognized for the company’s incredible financial support, in-house health fairs that provide access to important information to employees, and for their encouragement of GEICO employees to serve as volunteers and otherwise support our organization.

Dr. Michael Cummings, Vice Chair of Community Affairs and Outreach for the Department of Psychiatry of the University at Buffalo, Associate Medical Director of Erie County Medical Center and Medical Director of NY-START, is an exemplary trainer, elevating the experience and outcomes of each program he delivers. His primary focus is on developing and integrating systems of care for individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. He was recognized for being an esteemed advisor and a mission champion for the lupus community.

Each honoree has contributed significantly to the quality of life and accessibility of care for those whom we serve and we are deeply grateful for their service.