Self-Administered Benlysta Receives FDA Approval

Benlysta is the first drug approved specifically for lupus in over fifty years. It is a treatment option that has benefited many individuals with this autoimmune disease. However, many others have found it expensive or inaccessible, as it requires delivery through regular infusions. 

The FDA took huge strides in making the treatment accessible to more patients today, approving a self-administered injectable that can be performed at home. The new version of the medication will reach certain pharmacies in the U.S. in August of this year.

Not all lupus patients require or benefit from this treatment; only your doctor can tell you if Benlysta is the right treatment option for you. The Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York applauds the efforts of researchers and regulators to make more treatment options available to those with lupus. For too long, lupus patients have relied on drugs developed for other conditions, lacking new options that address the specific needs of the lupus community.