Patient and Family Services


Information about lupus, physician and health facility locations, support group meetings, links to helpful resources, research updates and other relevant information is provided at no cost to lupus patients and caregivers throughout our service area. For a list of available publications, click here.

 New Patient Orientation

New Patient Orientation meetings are facilitated by an active member of the New York State and Western New York Physician Assistant Societies and member of the board of the Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York (LAUNY) and provide patients with the opportunity to ask questions regarding symptoms, fears and options. You do not need to be recently diagnosed to attend. The lupus journey is a changing path and you are welcome at every turn. We help patients understand the challenges they are encountering and the importance of advocating for themselves. Find an orientation here! 

 Lupus Education & Advocacy Network (LEAN FORWARD) Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings help lupus patients and caregivers establish ties and become active members of the lupus community. Participants receive updates and information that help them better manage their symptoms. They share stories, concerns, successes and encouragement with one another. And, for those who cannot attend meetings, we have web-based meetings that link participants from every corner of our service area. Not interested in a group meeting? We offer support through our Support Buddies who can share one-on-one time over the phone. No one should face lupus alone. Find a meeting here! 

Regional Symposiums

Regional symposiums bring the lupus community together to hear the latest from prominent, relevant doctors, as well as quality of life experts who can provide additional tools for managing chronic illness and leading a full and happy life. 

Advocacy Training

Patients, caregivers and informed volunteers are the best advocates for the lupus community. LAUNY provides training, materials, and support to make every voice count.

Quarterly Newsletter

Tying together the 33 counties we serve, NewsLink provides statewide and regional updates on the news and events that impact lupus patients, families, caregivers and our communities. Sign up to receive your copy. Please consider receiving the newsletter by email, to help us save on printing and postage.